July 31, 2009


so, just got home.
its saturday, btw.
got up at like, before 8! ahh! and then got ready and
packed my cameras up and shiz for the day ahead :)
emily and i (woo, proper grammar) went to our fave spot to photogz, near my mum and dads work. its like old as and theres graff and its all derelict and stuff, so it looks cool haha.
we even went inside that toilet block type thing this time, and i wasnt even scared of going up the (<<<<<<) stairs!! ^.^ we looked inside, and it was just a heap of levers to move the train tracks and a little kitchen setup. it wasnt even dirty :O

we finished up there, and then headed to kfc for some brekky (at like 11am).
i had a banana krusher!
talk about yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!
and then we headed off to vin vins, and there wasnt really much there,
its gotten gay since they moved >.<
after that we hit up sumsion, and took some amazing photos, in our fav tree.
it was just like our old shoots, all over again, but better ^.^
and we went to the plaza and got boosts and bakers, and chilled, and i finally got to 'experience' the new target!! :O
its amazing lol, i was so excited! i was like a kid in a candy shop.
then we got tired, and sat in the shoes section for a bit.
then when we were walking out to meet mum,
guess who was walking towards us.


i was like "i've seen you everywhere lately!"
(cause i fully have, its weird)
and yehh, he was like
"whatcha doin?"
"just chillin, and you?"
"yehh.. just.. *rabbit ears with fingers* chillin :)"
then we kept walking haha.
i have had an absolutely amazing day so far,
and im working at 5.30 so its gonna get even better ^.^

this weekend is/will be the best in a long time.