December 27, 2009

merry christmas

playing some pool with the cousins after christmas lunch :)

new photo blog

i have a new photo blog.
check it out, and leave me comments :)


i consumed a veryyyyy nice glass of orange mango juice :)
ive figured out, that i like juice the best when its kind of just below room temperature.
not chilled.
not warm.

December 26, 2009


im going to get my camera and upload some piccas :)
i hope.


last night i lost my sim card D:
went out with some friends, and i had the bright idea to put a friends sim in my phone, cause i wasnt using mine and hers was flat and she wanted to talk to her bfffff.
so i thought 'nah, i wont need to put my sim in my bag'
i dont fucking know why.
we were just up the road from my house, in the gutter haha, and i went back this morning to search for the elusive sim, but to no avail :(

hopefully i can get the same number, otherwise im fucked.
ive had the same number for about 2 years now.
i dont want to go through the pain of memorising it, and making sure everyone has it again!

December 24, 2009

apology, rejected.

im so sorry.
i can't believe i haven't posted anything for over six weeks!!!
i'm so mad with myself :(

but this december has been, the best of my life.
started off with the ccw year 10 formal.
what an amazing night :)
it went oh so fast as well!!
when love story came on - for the pride of erin - i thought 'oh my god, already?!'
and i was like nowhere near sweaty or tired, or had sore feet.
i enjoyed myself so much :)

and it made me realise, how much of an amazing year level i'm in.
i seriously love our year level soooooo much!!
alex mcglynn, src 2010 :)

i've just enjoyed myself so much.
i've bought heaps of mad new clothes, and jewellery.
listing -
my new love - a pale pink oversized t-shirt from bamboo stik. the label is white monk, and it has a square picture of that jesus statue (i think it is, sorry if it's not) in rio de janeiro and i just love it.
a set of 11 bracelets and bangles, from diva for $25, which i thought was pretty good, seeing there's pearl, wooden, black and gold ones, so that means eternal mixing and matching for alex :)
i've bought two maxi dresses, one from a new store in albury - temt - and one from sacs in albury, which im getting in the morning for christmas :)
i bought this cute little slouchy white singlet from slutpre, with a massive black heart in the middle, i also bought this black belt from there, cause i needed one for my sacs maxi :)
from cotton on, i bought these pants, theyre like cargo green, and oh so comfortable!! ill upload photos, cause im wearing them xmas day, then ill probs change into my sacs maxi at night.
i bought these cute black sunglasses from bamboo stik, i needed new ones, i never look after sunnies and my other ones are sooooo scratched!!!
this soooo cute necklace from diva, it has a mini blue bottle hanging on a gold chain, and it has gold detailing around the edge. then i put a babushka charm off it.
i have a new wallet, one of those sportsgirl ones. the black, silver studded one. love it. also from sportsgirl i bought a tan leather bag, slouchy and it's like, my new staple. a few weeks ago, emily and i had a body shop party. i got all my body shop stuff, and i would die for an endless supply of hemp hand cream, passionberry lip shit, and cocoa butter everyday summer body lotion!!!! they have saved my life this past week.

adding to my creative-ness. yesterday i got a hanging corkboard from the reject shop in albury haha, dylan reluctantly served me :)
im going to go to vinnies and find some 'uber cool' fabric, and cover it and hang it, then hopefully find some thumb tacks. so i can hang all my jewellery off it, and make a kind of inspiration wall :)

i'm on etsy at the moment, searching for anything babushka/maryoshka russian dolls and i'm also looking for the perfect set of angel wings that i can turn into earrings. and a polaroid camera and typewriter :)
cause i like to kick it old school.

i've turned my desk from computer storage to painting corner.
i'm in such a creative frame of mind lately.
i think it can be credited to emily, we've spent heaps of time together this past month, and i'm just enjoying every second of it!!
with her, i want to try new stores, and go into that change room, and it's so good, not being embarassed to go into vinnies with her :)

back to painting.
i've kind of always painted, just not seriously.
my great aunty is an amazing artist, and i just love her work.
i look up to her soo much.
looking at some of her stuff, it's not about what she does paint and draw, it's what she doesn't that makes it so beautiful.
there is so much detail, but such a lack of, and it's just so whimsical.
one of the watercolours im in love with, is of a windy beach shack scene.
it is so beautiful, and i used to look at it as a little girl and i just wanted to pack my teddy bear and run away and find this run down lean-to, and live in it forever.

eeeep, 12:32
better be off to bed :)
night kiddos and merry christmas :D :D :D
i love christmas. best time of the year.
ps, a tonne of props to you if you've read all that :)
there shall be more when i wake

November 17, 2009

obviously + ink.

you might've realised that i've changed the url and name of my blog.
if you hadn't, well.. seriously.

so yeah, the explanation -
i was thinking, and i wanted a motto, like for my life.
something to motivate me and that jazz.

so, 'the rain will never stop us'
its kind of like saying, no excuses, just go for it.
we all hear people say 'oh, but it was raining'
or blaming SOMETHING on the weather.
it's your own problem, not the weather's.
get on with life, and stop making excuses, go for it.
take responsibility and live your life to the fullest,
that's what it means to me :)

in french, it is 'la pluie ne nouse arretera jamais'
either one of them i would love for my first or second tattoo.
i was thinking i could get it around my wrist, like a bracelet.
the words wrapped around.
but then veins :|

and im really happy at the moment, just in general.
my life is just headed in the best direction possible, and i love it :)
that's all for now :)

November 13, 2009

thanks mum

mum bought the best gelato ive ever had,
gelativo milk caramel (L)
its soooo good.
then the strawberry one tastes like strawberry jelly, but more gelato-like :)

tonight, im going out for dinner for kaz, a japanese exchange student.
he's seriously the funniest haha.
loves him.
its going to be so sad though :(

November 10, 2009


sooo, just found the cutest little things on etsy :)
i want pointless little things like these for christmas.
just heaps of small things like this would be gooooood.
and i want shelves so i can fill them up with these, and to paint my room.
and i have the bestttt idea for my room, im so excited.

November 8, 2009


received the most beautiful message :)
I got asked to steal a shaggin wagon and travel around australia in a
few years, with one of my best friends :)
Im so happy haha :D
cause it probably will happen.

like, you know those people you meet, and you become friends, and you
just know you're going to be great friends for a loooong time. And if
you make plans, no matter how far away they are, it'll hapen. that's
what this persons like.
I just know it.

it all comes down to you.

I feel like a mass post.
So here's my attempt -

today, mother-dearest and myself went
shoppinggggggggg! (YAY)
I bought two tops, and two dresses, one is for my brothers grad, and
it's amazing, ill show you in an outfit post on the night, it's on the
27th i think. The other one, i don't really like on, so im going to
exchange it for one that i didn't get cause i get that one :)
And i got the shoes for my formal, and a bracelet, ring, earrings and
necklace. So im heaps excited, and cause i have the tan that im going to
get on, i put my dress on and everything else and i felt (and may i say
- looked) amazing. It got me even more excited.

Then i was talking to sam, and he was all 'i can't come' and i know he
has his reasons and they're pretty legitimate, but i still want him to
come :( then he might be leaving early cause of the army, and him,
caldwell and me were sposed to be going to soundwave all together before
he leaves. And if he leaves early then it won't happen :(

I wrote that yesterday ^

todayyyy, mum, dad, caldwell and myself went to the weir to fish, but we
didn't catch anything lol. Not even a nibble :(
The hot sun was soo nice and the water was the perrrfect temperature,
but stupid me didn't have bathers, so we just stood in the water before
we left haha :)
Then we fell asleep on my bed when we got home, then mum woke us up and
we had nachoes that were heaps yum, then dropped him home out to

eh, talking to sam atm and he probably won't be coming to soundwave D:

australian idol....
i swear it's getting shitter and shitter each and every year.
thank god the top three are those peoples.
hayley, stan and james.
okay so - hayley kinda reminds me of me lol. maybe it's just the
hair >_< i want platinum blonde hair. but id like never pull it off D:
Ooh!! The other week she wore this amazing leather jacket, it was like a
mahogany colour.. I think :s
I fell in love.
Then stan, oh stan! I love him so much haha :)
He's just so confident and energetic and i love his accent and how he
smiles and yeah :D
Then james.
If james showed up at my door-step and asked me to run off with him and
have babies, i would. Nuf said.

hmmm, i feel like writing more, but i really cbf haha.
Sorry :)
If someone wants to save me from school tomorrow, don't hold back :D

if you read all that

stfu, pete wentz.

get off australian idol.
no-one wants to listen to you and look at your stupid attempt at make-up

November 4, 2009

get some of this, it's amazing.

my favourite thing atm.

the n word.

so just got a spray tan haha.
ilysm luca!
It's not orange (Y)
But i can't shower for like, another 2 hours D:

I feel ew.
but so good cause im tanned haa.
Yay :)

so im thinking.

that i want to start either -
a photography blog.
a clothing company. like one of those little cute local ones everyone
loves :D

mercy valley.
I like that.
comes from the cheese i had, mersey valley (L)
it's nomsies assssss.

so yeah, clothing co. or photogz blog, or whatevs.
tell me your ideas + favourites :D
ily all, espesh yew.

cheese and bickies and lemon-fizz.

for dinner, haha, soo healthy!

November 2, 2009

mercy valley.

jokes, mersey valley.
just cut some cheeeeese with scissors haha :)

chicken caeser, ilysm.


it's cup day, and i cbf doing anything.
i have so much homework and i don't want to do it cause im probably not
going to pass year 10 anyways so it's just a waste of time.
I just want to leave school and do something with my life.

oh no, dad just came home with three dvd's - star trek :|
transformers 2 and quantum of solace.
they are like, typical dad.

I feel like cooking something amazing.
but again, i cbf.
but i want chicken caesar :(
yay, mum said i can cook it :D

caldwells coming over in like, and hour and a bit :D
so excited :)

hmm, i want my horse to win the cup
I need moneys.


I hate exam time.
everyones all 'i can't do anything, i have to study'
erghh, i hate it with a passion.
Irdgaf about exams.
They can go f themselves.

November 1, 2009

decision time.

i've decided,
what i want + want to do.

• a typewriter off ebay.
• paint my room.
• a proper computer.
• a good camera.
• melbourne w/ emily.
• soundwave w/ caldwell and sam.
• walk to albury one day, just cause.
• amazing mascara.
• daily posts for a fortnight or more.
• activate my boost card.
• another dog.
• gooooood skin.
• hang my hammock chair in the tree.
• 90210 box set.
• get fit before my birthday.
• successfully make a pavlova.
• maxi dress for summer.
• get long-ish hair.

okay so, by my birthday - march 11th, i want all these things.
the hardest one would be another dog, cause my parents are all 'we don't
need another dog' etc etc.
and the computer one might be hard too, seeing i don't excel in the art
of saving money. and then the growing of my hair will just happen when
it happens :)

a lot has been happening lately.
caldwell and i are back together, 30.10.09, so im happy about that :D
on the weekend i travelled to bendigo for a two day volleyball
tournament, playing in the womens league and now my leg muscles are all
knotted and it hurts a lot, so ill probably try and get them out today
before work.
tay and i are friends again, which im sooooo happy about :)
it's nearly summer, and im reaaally excited.
I got a school dress :O
georgia introduced me to a mad, natural as fake tan, and it's only $8.
I got top braces, getting the bottom ones on the 20th of january.
hmm, i dunno what else :)

October 20, 2009

my life be like

eventful as at the moment.
it's nearly 12 in the morning, i shall update tomorrow :D
sorry bout pretty much no posts for aaages :(

October 8, 2009

new obsessions.

can't get enough of -
annette perhsson
claire harvey
elinkan + her hair
daniel kramer's pictures of Bob Dylan
marcos armstrong's work
antler mag blog

that's about all, i shall update more :D

October 5, 2009

oh no! but oh yes ;)

I think im getting sick D:
I really hate the change of seasons + climate + weather, it fucks with
me so bad.

apart from that, my life is along the road to perfect.
there's nothing (+NO ONE) stopping me from doing what i want now.
got my girls + a few of my guys.
got my fam, f&a.
got hold of this town, mine for the taking.

just need moneyssss >______<

im going to believe in myself.
be positive.
smile, laugh.
and love my life, cause im glad i have one.
some people need to get a life -_________-

October 3, 2009

ohz, my godz.

bought the dye for next weekend!!
five colours - chartreuse, fire red, sun yellow, gun metal and navy.
then emily has flamingo pink, and that'll dye about two singlets.
I didn't want pink, so it's all good :)
Im so excited aaaahhh!
yaysies :D


today, was an awesome day for me.
chilled in maccas for just under 3 hours.
don't know how we managed, but we did haha.
I was with sam, a good mate. he's a whole lot of fun so it wasn't the
worst 5 hours I've ever had, by far. after macdo's, we walked about 10
minutes and found a park. we played gladiators on the see-saw and took
turns pushing each other on the good swing. stayed there for a while and
bummed around til' mum rang and it was time for me to go, which was sad.
it was heaps of fun, and a very good day :D

October 1, 2009

love oversize.

love being stuck behind oversize machinery haha.


tie dye.

im trying to find good and comfortable plain white tops to tie dye with
emily next weekend, to no avail.
Im so excited though haha, so im going to hit up the tube and find out
how to haha :D


im loving lace detailing, cute sandals, tie dye and leopard print.

I got awesome sunnies from dotti in chapel st.
they're b-e-a-utiful.
I think, anyways :)
They're black, and on the top rim have a chain detail, and im going to
try my hardest to never lose them, or drop them.
I always wreck and/or lose sunglasses D:

September 25, 2009

sudden realisations, ftw.

so, forever.
is hardly ever, forever.
can something actually last 'forever'?
at this moment, i doubt it.


it's nice to hear those three words, followed by forever.
everyone wants to be loved, forever.
'til the end of time, neverending, everlasting, forever.
pretty much, being told that no matter what happens in the future, no
matter what happens between you and me, one thing will remain the same -
my love for you will never end.

a life-time guarantee, in a world where nothing is certain.

that's a beautiful thing.
a thing that can be hard to find and can be harder to hold onto, once
you've found it.
a thing that can also come easily, and stays without force.
it's special.

but im not sure that i want forever.
but im not sure that i don't.
i do want a life with you now, today, and tomorrow.
but i don't want a life without you.
i don't know if that means that i want forever.
i know it doesn't make sense.
a lot of things don't, especially me lately.

September 22, 2009

four thousand.

went for the most amazing walk tonight!
i felt so good afterwards!
i even had the pedometer going :D
but stupid me, i put it on my shorts so it didn't shake, so after about
5 minutes I got to the top of this road that has a reeeaaal good view of
the town, and saw that, apparently, id only taken 25 steps :S
haha, so i fixed it and off i went!
when i got home, id reached the four thousand :D
approx. 45mins,
so good effort to me :)

another walk in the morning, and then seeing caldwell :D
and then, dentist at 4:45, im getting braces!!
last time, they messed up the mould for my "spider", so they had to take
another mould and I had to wait another month!
so tomorrow is d-day.

ill update on how it goes :)

September 21, 2009


yesterday, we became the ACT State Champions, yayayayayayay!
but we didn't even get medals for it or a trophy.. :(
the guy who organised it reckoned that they "don't have any money", when
we figured out that there was over 1200$ in entry fees alone :O
so, epic fail by vact.
im talking volleyball, if you weren't aware prior.

another advantage of my weekend in canberra was that we got some of
those japanese photobooth photos :D
haha, it was so fun :)
and it was heaps easy cause yui told us what it was saying haha :)
she's a japanese exchange student, she's amazing.
we also hit up hoyts and experienced UP, the most amazing movie of all
time. im in love.

worked 5ish hours tonight, got home + had singapore noodles made by
mother dearest and now im in bed!

get to see caldwell on wednesday!
aw, yay :)
and then braces wed+thu.

but tomorrow, im getting up and going for a stroll down to work to drop
off some lemons, cause we ran out tonight. (oh no!) so, goodnight :)

July 31, 2009


so, just got home.
its saturday, btw.
got up at like, before 8! ahh! and then got ready and
packed my cameras up and shiz for the day ahead :)
emily and i (woo, proper grammar) went to our fave spot to photogz, near my mum and dads work. its like old as and theres graff and its all derelict and stuff, so it looks cool haha.
we even went inside that toilet block type thing this time, and i wasnt even scared of going up the (<<<<<<) stairs!! ^.^ we looked inside, and it was just a heap of levers to move the train tracks and a little kitchen setup. it wasnt even dirty :O

we finished up there, and then headed to kfc for some brekky (at like 11am).
i had a banana krusher!
talk about yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!
and then we headed off to vin vins, and there wasnt really much there,
its gotten gay since they moved >.<
after that we hit up sumsion, and took some amazing photos, in our fav tree.
it was just like our old shoots, all over again, but better ^.^
and we went to the plaza and got boosts and bakers, and chilled, and i finally got to 'experience' the new target!! :O
its amazing lol, i was so excited! i was like a kid in a candy shop.
then we got tired, and sat in the shoes section for a bit.
then when we were walking out to meet mum,
guess who was walking towards us.


i was like "i've seen you everywhere lately!"
(cause i fully have, its weird)
and yehh, he was like
"whatcha doin?"
"just chillin, and you?"
"yehh.. just.. *rabbit ears with fingers* chillin :)"
then we kept walking haha.
i have had an absolutely amazing day so far,
and im working at 5.30 so its gonna get even better ^.^

this weekend is/will be the best in a long time.

June 22, 2009

first post.

no, it's not like the opposite of the last post.
how exciting, this is my first post aha.
i'm not too sure what to talk about, so sorry bout that one.
well at the immediate moment, i've been trying to sketch a shirt that i have drawn in my head, but it just keeps on ending up being a completely different piece from what i want, i have about five pieces that aren't too bad,
but they aren't what i was hoping. stupid hand just won't go the right way.
great hand-eye coordination i have!
i just love some of the street fashion on
such a shame no one around here has such extreme fashion.
it's mad though, i want to learn how to sew so i can make my own stuff :)
that'd be fun.
xo, Alex