December 27, 2009

merry christmas

playing some pool with the cousins after christmas lunch :)

new photo blog

i have a new photo blog.
check it out, and leave me comments :)


i consumed a veryyyyy nice glass of orange mango juice :)
ive figured out, that i like juice the best when its kind of just below room temperature.
not chilled.
not warm.

December 26, 2009


im going to get my camera and upload some piccas :)
i hope.


last night i lost my sim card D:
went out with some friends, and i had the bright idea to put a friends sim in my phone, cause i wasnt using mine and hers was flat and she wanted to talk to her bfffff.
so i thought 'nah, i wont need to put my sim in my bag'
i dont fucking know why.
we were just up the road from my house, in the gutter haha, and i went back this morning to search for the elusive sim, but to no avail :(

hopefully i can get the same number, otherwise im fucked.
ive had the same number for about 2 years now.
i dont want to go through the pain of memorising it, and making sure everyone has it again!

December 24, 2009

apology, rejected.

im so sorry.
i can't believe i haven't posted anything for over six weeks!!!
i'm so mad with myself :(

but this december has been, the best of my life.
started off with the ccw year 10 formal.
what an amazing night :)
it went oh so fast as well!!
when love story came on - for the pride of erin - i thought 'oh my god, already?!'
and i was like nowhere near sweaty or tired, or had sore feet.
i enjoyed myself so much :)

and it made me realise, how much of an amazing year level i'm in.
i seriously love our year level soooooo much!!
alex mcglynn, src 2010 :)

i've just enjoyed myself so much.
i've bought heaps of mad new clothes, and jewellery.
listing -
my new love - a pale pink oversized t-shirt from bamboo stik. the label is white monk, and it has a square picture of that jesus statue (i think it is, sorry if it's not) in rio de janeiro and i just love it.
a set of 11 bracelets and bangles, from diva for $25, which i thought was pretty good, seeing there's pearl, wooden, black and gold ones, so that means eternal mixing and matching for alex :)
i've bought two maxi dresses, one from a new store in albury - temt - and one from sacs in albury, which im getting in the morning for christmas :)
i bought this cute little slouchy white singlet from slutpre, with a massive black heart in the middle, i also bought this black belt from there, cause i needed one for my sacs maxi :)
from cotton on, i bought these pants, theyre like cargo green, and oh so comfortable!! ill upload photos, cause im wearing them xmas day, then ill probs change into my sacs maxi at night.
i bought these cute black sunglasses from bamboo stik, i needed new ones, i never look after sunnies and my other ones are sooooo scratched!!!
this soooo cute necklace from diva, it has a mini blue bottle hanging on a gold chain, and it has gold detailing around the edge. then i put a babushka charm off it.
i have a new wallet, one of those sportsgirl ones. the black, silver studded one. love it. also from sportsgirl i bought a tan leather bag, slouchy and it's like, my new staple. a few weeks ago, emily and i had a body shop party. i got all my body shop stuff, and i would die for an endless supply of hemp hand cream, passionberry lip shit, and cocoa butter everyday summer body lotion!!!! they have saved my life this past week.

adding to my creative-ness. yesterday i got a hanging corkboard from the reject shop in albury haha, dylan reluctantly served me :)
im going to go to vinnies and find some 'uber cool' fabric, and cover it and hang it, then hopefully find some thumb tacks. so i can hang all my jewellery off it, and make a kind of inspiration wall :)

i'm on etsy at the moment, searching for anything babushka/maryoshka russian dolls and i'm also looking for the perfect set of angel wings that i can turn into earrings. and a polaroid camera and typewriter :)
cause i like to kick it old school.

i've turned my desk from computer storage to painting corner.
i'm in such a creative frame of mind lately.
i think it can be credited to emily, we've spent heaps of time together this past month, and i'm just enjoying every second of it!!
with her, i want to try new stores, and go into that change room, and it's so good, not being embarassed to go into vinnies with her :)

back to painting.
i've kind of always painted, just not seriously.
my great aunty is an amazing artist, and i just love her work.
i look up to her soo much.
looking at some of her stuff, it's not about what she does paint and draw, it's what she doesn't that makes it so beautiful.
there is so much detail, but such a lack of, and it's just so whimsical.
one of the watercolours im in love with, is of a windy beach shack scene.
it is so beautiful, and i used to look at it as a little girl and i just wanted to pack my teddy bear and run away and find this run down lean-to, and live in it forever.

eeeep, 12:32
better be off to bed :)
night kiddos and merry christmas :D :D :D
i love christmas. best time of the year.
ps, a tonne of props to you if you've read all that :)
there shall be more when i wake