April 28, 2010

just catching up on all the water i missed out on today because i forgot my drink bottle :)
happy hump day!!

yes, that means its wednesday.
not hump of the pelvic thrusting kind.

i just want to drink so much water i vomit.
not to sound bulimic either, i just feel sick.

April 9, 2010

i love you a million swedish fish.
i love you a million red m&m's.

carli johnstoneeeeee <3

April 7, 2010

everything to be perfect.
money to spend.
to not be lonely.
everyone to get along.
an endless supply of phone credit.
better op shops in albury wodonga.
good marks.
an automatic car to drive on my l's.
a flat stomach.
a good camera.
someone to hold me.
to never grow old.

most of all, i want to stop wanting so many things.

April 5, 2010

once again the doorbell rang late at night.
once again she wondered.
matchmaker mcglynn strikes again.

i don't know why, but i have a very deep insight on relationships.
even though i'm the worst possible help when it comes to my own.

a former and now friend again has their eyes set on a person i play soccer with.
we'll call my former and now friend again 'fanfa' and the soccer player 'sp'.
logical isnt it haha.

fanfa is having trouble because he is unsure about his feelings for sp.
i asked fanfa what he wants, this is how it went -

Alex: question, what do you want?
fanfa: to be happy
Alex: nawwww! okay well
fanfa: sorry rephrase to not be bored
Alex: no take backs.
you cant want a girlfriend just cause youre bored!
fanfa: why not?
Alex: its not genuine, in a sense
fanfa: when can i want a gf?
Alex: when you want to be with her
cause you dont want to be without her :)

(i know it sounds cheesy, but i still thinks it's true)

fanfa: wow deep as
Alex: hahaa
that cool though?
fanfa: i think so
you've gotta figure it out though
just spend more time with her :)
and let her kiss you first haha
fanfa: well ill be waiting a while for that i think
why should i let her?
and not just dive in?
Alex: well i think that she's had the chance to kiss a boy
and she could be waiting for the right person and she might not be ready
fanfa: pfft come on. that's what i dont understand how can there be a right person, isnt it just a kiss?
Alex: ima let you in on a little secret,
to them their first kiss is one of the biggest things in their life
kinda, its like a milestone
and you always wish for it to be perfect and amazing
and you wait until you find a guy that you think can make it that
fanfa: wow that sounds so fake to me, i must be a guy
Alex: how does it sound fake!!!
its just honest haha
its not the same for every girl
but i reckon sp might be one of those :s
you'll know when she wants to kiss you though,
so when you get the feeling, go slow haha
just to make sure :)
sorry if this is too deep or anything.

that's just a fraction of the conversation.
but 'fanfa' was such a big part of my life and i'm so so so happy to have him back!

wish fanfa and sp lucky :)

April 3, 2010

imogen heap, i love you.

where are we?
what the hell is going on?
the dust has only just begun to form
crop circles in the carpet
sinking feeling

spin me round again
and rub my eyes,
this can't be happening
when busy streets a mess with people
would stop to hold their heads heavy

hide and seek
trains and sewing machines
all those years
they were here first

oily marks appear on walls
where pleasure moments hung before the takeover,
the sweeping insensitivity of this still life

hide and seek
trains and sewing machines (oh, you won't catch me around here)
blood and tears (hearts)
they were here first


ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs
speak no feeling no I don't believe you
you don't care a bit,
you don't care a bit

(hide and seek)
ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs
(hide and seek)
speak no feeling no i don't believe you
you don't care a bit,
you don't care a (you don't care a) bit
the dream.
if you build me a treehouse i will love you forever.
i might even let you come over for sleepovers :)

go on, you know you want to!
would anyone (eg emily havik) like to have a picnic with me over the next week of holidays?
i feel like baking up a storm and enjoying the sun before it goes into hibernation over winter :)

April 2, 2010

i have just remembered bree has my sd card for my camera!
i'm about to have a heart attack!
okay not really, but still.
and i'm also out of batteries, so no photos of my new hair :(
and the doorbell rang late at night.
who could it be?
she wondered.

April 1, 2010

national geographic.

a few of my favourites.
how aboslutely, blatantly rude.

this is what i've just found on my formspring, which i've decided to delete.
although i have a fairly good idea of who this is.

"You need to loose weight, On facebook it always says u are Going for a walk, yet yu r still fat. What the Fuck?"

well you wanna know something anonymous?
i've actually lost 10 kilos.
did you know that one?
wanna know why?
cause i go for walks which turn into runs every single day.
real fat of me, isn't it?
i've no doubt in my mind you are a lonely person with no friends that feels inadequate in themselves.
this does not bother me one bit, because you've tried to put me down to no avail.
i don't care what you think of me or my body, because if you're just going to try and put me down and feel less of myself, you aren't worth my time.

just a thought for the day :)
the fog in the morning, the chill of the air.
the warmth of your bed and the snuggle on the couch.
the frost on the window, the steam of the shower.
the pale-rose tinge of cheeks and the blue lips.
the long dark nights, the shiver of dawn.
the visible breath and the dry throat.

this is what i love about winter.

i think that winter is the most beautiful season of all.
it may be seen as gloomy and dark, but the beauty is definitely still there.

oh, and when you get the chance, like NOW, check out my best friend's blog - welcometooatlanta.blogspot.com
its rad, and so is she.