March 31, 2010

what hurts the most was being so close, having so much to say and watching you walk away, and never knowing what could've been.

i want to grow old with you.

March 30, 2010

i wish i jumped.

in a hannah montana movie sense.

i had the chance, now it's gone.
i wish i didn't still have those feelings for you.
you're leaving in 2 months.

please don't forget me.

March 28, 2010

cause i dont know who i am, who i am without you. all i know is that i should. but i dont know if i could stand another hand upon you. all i know is that i should. cause she will love you more than i could, she who dares to stand where i stood.

i was obsessed with missy higgins mid-2005, i'm just re-discovering my lost love for her <3

i'm living off song lyrics at the moment, i don't know why.
especially chill music.
bella - angus and julia stone
just a boy - angus and julia stone
mango tree - angus and julia stone
and the boys - angus and julia stone
as you can see i'm loving this brother sister combo :)

March 27, 2010

March 26, 2010

i remember

someone old once said to me that lies will lock you up with truth, the only key.
but i was comfortable and warm inside my shell and couldn't see this place would soon become my hell. so is it better to tell and hurt or lie to save my face? well i guess the answer is don't do it in the first place! i know im not deserving of your trust from you right now, oh but if by chance you change your mind, i will not let you down.

i'm sick of lies.
they ruin lives and more importantly, friendships.

you're still the one i run to,

'the one that i belong to, you're still the one i want - for life.
you're still the one that i love, the only one i dream of, you're still the one i kiss goodnight'
shania twain, you kill me every single time!!
gets me thinking about a certain s.t

March 23, 2010

retreat time

tomorrow morning my fellows year 11's and myself head off to three destinations - king river, howman's gap and where im going, camp curumbene (20kms south of shepparton).
wednesday til friday.
i got sooooo lucky!!
i have some of my closest mates on my camp, so im pretty stoked about that :)
will update when im home :)
hope you all have a great week, i know i will!!!!

March 22, 2010

oh no

i have to be at school before, yes BEFORE 7am tomorrow.
to serve the undeserving year 12's breakfast.

March 18, 2010

March 17, 2010


my absolute favourite part of the day is just after i get off the bus.
it's my thinking time, walking that 150 metres.
it's peaceful and serene.
everything is perfect for a moment.
my life is bliss and simple as i examine every crack in the pavement.
that is my favourite part of the day.
am now off to the doctor with mumma.
shall be interesting.
will post my blank thoughts of the day when i'm back.

March 16, 2010

she spied a shooting star

She could make a wish for anything, anyone.
She wished for him, his friendship. His hugs and his laughter, his smile and his stare, his smell and his voice. All she wanted was for it to be back in her life. Nothing more.

Just him.

March 15, 2010


with everything in my life.
i've no complaints, no reasons to hold back, no excuses to not live my life to its potential.

dont need no jenny

my goal of losing weight and becoming fitter is in motion.
nine kilos and loving it.
ran hunchback hill yesterday, in 43 minutes with sinead and bree.
then walked the whole way across town home, ran some of that too haha.
i'm actually obsessed with exercising lately, i dreamt about running a few nights ago.
i know, it's weird.
but i look forward to walking and running every day, i love it so so much.

watch out for me at relayforlife :)

these walls

over the weekend, my mother and i FINALLY painted my bedroom.
one wall, and the adjacent window wall.
the colour is 'coolaide' from taubmans.
i love it so so much.
also, my room has undergone a major clean out, moving towards my want of a minimalistic, calming bedroom.
the next thing to do is to paint the brown exposed wood white,
to achieve a cleaner, brighter finish.

my apologies

for no posts in over a month!!
my life has just been so fast-paced since school started back,
i've hardly had time to think about something worthwhile to post.
so, i apologise.
i'm sorry