May 26, 2010

i need to know you don't want me to change.

i need to know you think i'm perfect.

i think you're perfect.

May 14, 2010

alright so, i've made a tumblr.
you might think of it as betraying the old and loyal blogspot, but im thinking of it as a different medium as to which i can portray my life :)

the url -

woooooooooooooooooo!!! its the weekend!!
mother dearest is ordering my new bed and mattress today!
im so excited.
queen bed, here i come!!

May 13, 2010

my choice of sleeping rather than being educated today was a poor one, i think.

i'm just so sick of school.
the only subject i do anything in is year twelve hospitality.
then some days i'm energised enough to care about chemistry and studio arts.
most of my maths classes i never even pick up a pen or open my book.
there's no point to youth ministry.
english language requires thinking and analysis, neither of which i can hardly be bothered with at this point in time.

question time -
can someone please enlighten me as to where i can find good layouts?
im so sick of mine!!!
thanking you :)

May 11, 2010

in english language, probably should be doing some work but oh well :)

i'm looking at speech impediments and how they affect people's lives.
the guy im youtube-ing is jason gray, a recording artist with a stutter.
he says when that he sings 'i don't stutter when i sing, which to me has become a very compelling metaphor for how God works in our lives, when we are willing to give him our broken little mess of a life, he's able to make music out of it, able to make something beautiful out if it'.

i don't personally believe in God, but i like how jason is able to overcome his stutter when he sings, because he does believe in God.

anyways, my soccer team has a night game tonight!
night games are always so much fun.
but it will be a bit cold :(
hopefully we play fairly well and have a chance of winning, albury united is 3rd on the ladder!!!
definitely welcome to come down and watch :)

May 10, 2010

just remembered!!!!

tomorrow we're starting photography in studio arts, and we're getting assigned cameras!
all of my problems would disappear if i had money.
i'm happy, but i want things.
i don't need money to buy me happiness, i need money to buy me things!!!

i need a job so badly.
okay my bad, i just need money so badly.
lately i've noticed a fact in my life - i've become fairly close with a certain friend of mine, and i'm loving it.
she's a funny girl, and she loves life like no other person i know.
i know i can tell her anything and everything and she understands.
we're on the same page and i love that i've found someone like her to be such good friends with.
i have so much fun with her, but we can still have the best serious talks.
she may make a fool of herself sometimes but she is a smart girl.
i love our cuddle seshes and sleep overs and code names and phone calls.
this fat lesbian makes me pretty damn happy :)

this girl's name is chloe alyse palmer and i love her so so much :)

May 9, 2010


May 6, 2010

i don't want a big house, i don't want a fancy fast car.
i don't want a billion bucks, or the hottest armcandy.
i want a comfortable cosy place to live, with a way to get from A to B.
i want enough money to pay for rent and food, i want someone who loves me for me.

i don't want all the friends in the world for a day, i want the ones i have now - forever.

i don't want to travel the world to see all the great wonders of the world, i want to explore the streets where i live and breathe.

i don't want to be the smartest with the highest grades, i want to know who i am and what i want and be happy with that.

i know what i want, and im happy with that.
first kisses,
how can you explain.
the touch of his lips, for the first time on hers.
her head goes into a whirlwind of emotion.
different to any other kind she's ever felt before.
better emotion.

<3 + <3

i want my best friend back.
good things come in threes.

1. on tuesday night soccer training, i was asked to play for the senior ladies team.
im so nervous but oh so so excited!
apparently i'm playing up forward or in midfield somewhere, so that means goal-scoring potential!!!

2. i've decided on what my major piece will consist of.
four photos, the theme 'seperation'.
medium photography, of course.
i'm so excited and inspired at the moment, i just want to grab a camera and go!!

3. tomorrow night i'm having people over, gonna be heaps mad fun!!!
fire, marshmellows, the girls, the shed and drinks.
soooooo good!!

this week has turned out well so far :)