October 20, 2009

my life be like

eventful as at the moment.
it's nearly 12 in the morning, i shall update tomorrow :D
sorry bout pretty much no posts for aaages :(

October 8, 2009

new obsessions.

can't get enough of -
annette perhsson
claire harvey
elinkan + her hair
daniel kramer's pictures of Bob Dylan
marcos armstrong's work
antler mag blog

that's about all, i shall update more :D

October 5, 2009

oh no! but oh yes ;)

I think im getting sick D:
I really hate the change of seasons + climate + weather, it fucks with
me so bad.

apart from that, my life is along the road to perfect.
there's nothing (+NO ONE) stopping me from doing what i want now.
got my girls + a few of my guys.
got my fam, f&a.
got hold of this town, mine for the taking.

just need moneyssss >______<

im going to believe in myself.
be positive.
smile, laugh.
and love my life, cause im glad i have one.
some people need to get a life -_________-

October 3, 2009

ohz, my godz.

bought the dye for next weekend!!
five colours - chartreuse, fire red, sun yellow, gun metal and navy.
then emily has flamingo pink, and that'll dye about two singlets.
I didn't want pink, so it's all good :)
Im so excited aaaahhh!
yaysies :D


today, was an awesome day for me.
chilled in maccas for just under 3 hours.
don't know how we managed, but we did haha.
I was with sam, a good mate. he's a whole lot of fun so it wasn't the
worst 5 hours I've ever had, by far. after macdo's, we walked about 10
minutes and found a park. we played gladiators on the see-saw and took
turns pushing each other on the good swing. stayed there for a while and
bummed around til' mum rang and it was time for me to go, which was sad.
it was heaps of fun, and a very good day :D

October 1, 2009

love oversize.

love being stuck behind oversize machinery haha.


tie dye.

im trying to find good and comfortable plain white tops to tie dye with
emily next weekend, to no avail.
Im so excited though haha, so im going to hit up the tube and find out
how to haha :D


im loving lace detailing, cute sandals, tie dye and leopard print.

I got awesome sunnies from dotti in chapel st.
they're b-e-a-utiful.
I think, anyways :)
They're black, and on the top rim have a chain detail, and im going to
try my hardest to never lose them, or drop them.
I always wreck and/or lose sunglasses D: