November 17, 2009

obviously + ink.

you might've realised that i've changed the url and name of my blog.
if you hadn't, well.. seriously.

so yeah, the explanation -
i was thinking, and i wanted a motto, like for my life.
something to motivate me and that jazz.

so, 'the rain will never stop us'
its kind of like saying, no excuses, just go for it.
we all hear people say 'oh, but it was raining'
or blaming SOMETHING on the weather.
it's your own problem, not the weather's.
get on with life, and stop making excuses, go for it.
take responsibility and live your life to the fullest,
that's what it means to me :)

in french, it is 'la pluie ne nouse arretera jamais'
either one of them i would love for my first or second tattoo.
i was thinking i could get it around my wrist, like a bracelet.
the words wrapped around.
but then veins :|

and im really happy at the moment, just in general.
my life is just headed in the best direction possible, and i love it :)
that's all for now :)

November 13, 2009

thanks mum

mum bought the best gelato ive ever had,
gelativo milk caramel (L)
its soooo good.
then the strawberry one tastes like strawberry jelly, but more gelato-like :)

tonight, im going out for dinner for kaz, a japanese exchange student.
he's seriously the funniest haha.
loves him.
its going to be so sad though :(

November 10, 2009


sooo, just found the cutest little things on etsy :)
i want pointless little things like these for christmas.
just heaps of small things like this would be gooooood.
and i want shelves so i can fill them up with these, and to paint my room.
and i have the bestttt idea for my room, im so excited.

November 8, 2009


received the most beautiful message :)
I got asked to steal a shaggin wagon and travel around australia in a
few years, with one of my best friends :)
Im so happy haha :D
cause it probably will happen.

like, you know those people you meet, and you become friends, and you
just know you're going to be great friends for a loooong time. And if
you make plans, no matter how far away they are, it'll hapen. that's
what this persons like.
I just know it.

it all comes down to you.

I feel like a mass post.
So here's my attempt -

today, mother-dearest and myself went
shoppinggggggggg! (YAY)
I bought two tops, and two dresses, one is for my brothers grad, and
it's amazing, ill show you in an outfit post on the night, it's on the
27th i think. The other one, i don't really like on, so im going to
exchange it for one that i didn't get cause i get that one :)
And i got the shoes for my formal, and a bracelet, ring, earrings and
necklace. So im heaps excited, and cause i have the tan that im going to
get on, i put my dress on and everything else and i felt (and may i say
- looked) amazing. It got me even more excited.

Then i was talking to sam, and he was all 'i can't come' and i know he
has his reasons and they're pretty legitimate, but i still want him to
come :( then he might be leaving early cause of the army, and him,
caldwell and me were sposed to be going to soundwave all together before
he leaves. And if he leaves early then it won't happen :(

I wrote that yesterday ^

todayyyy, mum, dad, caldwell and myself went to the weir to fish, but we
didn't catch anything lol. Not even a nibble :(
The hot sun was soo nice and the water was the perrrfect temperature,
but stupid me didn't have bathers, so we just stood in the water before
we left haha :)
Then we fell asleep on my bed when we got home, then mum woke us up and
we had nachoes that were heaps yum, then dropped him home out to

eh, talking to sam atm and he probably won't be coming to soundwave D:

australian idol....
i swear it's getting shitter and shitter each and every year.
thank god the top three are those peoples.
hayley, stan and james.
okay so - hayley kinda reminds me of me lol. maybe it's just the
hair >_< i want platinum blonde hair. but id like never pull it off D:
Ooh!! The other week she wore this amazing leather jacket, it was like a
mahogany colour.. I think :s
I fell in love.
Then stan, oh stan! I love him so much haha :)
He's just so confident and energetic and i love his accent and how he
smiles and yeah :D
Then james.
If james showed up at my door-step and asked me to run off with him and
have babies, i would. Nuf said.

hmmm, i feel like writing more, but i really cbf haha.
Sorry :)
If someone wants to save me from school tomorrow, don't hold back :D

if you read all that

stfu, pete wentz.

get off australian idol.
no-one wants to listen to you and look at your stupid attempt at make-up

November 4, 2009

get some of this, it's amazing.

my favourite thing atm.

the n word.

so just got a spray tan haha.
ilysm luca!
It's not orange (Y)
But i can't shower for like, another 2 hours D:

I feel ew.
but so good cause im tanned haa.
Yay :)

so im thinking.

that i want to start either -
a photography blog.
a clothing company. like one of those little cute local ones everyone
loves :D

mercy valley.
I like that.
comes from the cheese i had, mersey valley (L)
it's nomsies assssss.

so yeah, clothing co. or photogz blog, or whatevs.
tell me your ideas + favourites :D
ily all, espesh yew.

cheese and bickies and lemon-fizz.

for dinner, haha, soo healthy!

November 2, 2009

mercy valley.

jokes, mersey valley.
just cut some cheeeeese with scissors haha :)

chicken caeser, ilysm.


it's cup day, and i cbf doing anything.
i have so much homework and i don't want to do it cause im probably not
going to pass year 10 anyways so it's just a waste of time.
I just want to leave school and do something with my life.

oh no, dad just came home with three dvd's - star trek :|
transformers 2 and quantum of solace.
they are like, typical dad.

I feel like cooking something amazing.
but again, i cbf.
but i want chicken caesar :(
yay, mum said i can cook it :D

caldwells coming over in like, and hour and a bit :D
so excited :)

hmm, i want my horse to win the cup
I need moneys.


I hate exam time.
everyones all 'i can't do anything, i have to study'
erghh, i hate it with a passion.
Irdgaf about exams.
They can go f themselves.

November 1, 2009

decision time.

i've decided,
what i want + want to do.

• a typewriter off ebay.
• paint my room.
• a proper computer.
• a good camera.
• melbourne w/ emily.
• soundwave w/ caldwell and sam.
• walk to albury one day, just cause.
• amazing mascara.
• daily posts for a fortnight or more.
• activate my boost card.
• another dog.
• gooooood skin.
• hang my hammock chair in the tree.
• 90210 box set.
• get fit before my birthday.
• successfully make a pavlova.
• maxi dress for summer.
• get long-ish hair.

okay so, by my birthday - march 11th, i want all these things.
the hardest one would be another dog, cause my parents are all 'we don't
need another dog' etc etc.
and the computer one might be hard too, seeing i don't excel in the art
of saving money. and then the growing of my hair will just happen when
it happens :)

a lot has been happening lately.
caldwell and i are back together, 30.10.09, so im happy about that :D
on the weekend i travelled to bendigo for a two day volleyball
tournament, playing in the womens league and now my leg muscles are all
knotted and it hurts a lot, so ill probably try and get them out today
before work.
tay and i are friends again, which im sooooo happy about :)
it's nearly summer, and im reaaally excited.
I got a school dress :O
georgia introduced me to a mad, natural as fake tan, and it's only $8.
I got top braces, getting the bottom ones on the 20th of january.
hmm, i dunno what else :)