February 3, 2010

such a bitch

another rant, while im in a shit mood.

you dont know me at all, you idiot.
you think you can go along living your life like you do,
like it has no affect on me whatsoever.
well guess what. you're wrong, again.
i hate seeing you get hurt, i hate seeing you abuse
your body like you do. i hate how you're leaving,
and how there'll be even smaller chances of us staying friends.

wake up to yourself.

February 1, 2010

school's back!

oh yay :D
not even a hint of sarcasm intended there, truth.

i seriously loved the first day back at school today!
it was sooo much fun, and seeing everyone was just so good.
i was in such a great mood allllll day, i didnt even realise how starving i was until sixth period!!

father is cutting sick and being a mad dog by counting down so i get off the computer.
shall update tomorrow before soccer :)
or after, ill see what happens :D

night all.