January 30, 2010

darling i love you,

but give me park avenue.

green acres (L)
iva gabor, marry me?

January 29, 2010


about my previous post.
just getting some frustrations out :)

im in a better mood now, georgia came over for
a bit and watched me make choc chunk cookies ^_^

you may have noticed, i have been saying 'pretty much in love with .. *insert favourite* .. at the moment'
im apologizing for this phrase.
but i like it haha.

im thinking a daily pmilw..atm haha.
love how i just abbreviated that :)

so here's the first -
im pretty much in love with fromspring at the moment.
its fun as haha.
i think its funny to see just how many people want to know
about you, while them not wanting you to know they do haha.
if you understand that :S

oh, and here is my formspring, just in case you want it ;)
you can ask me anything.
so go!!!!

i've got to clean the kitchen, so this is the end of this post.


i always knew you were going to fuck me over.
just wasn't sure when.
i knew it, i was sure of it.
so was everyone else, but i didnt listen.
but i still wanted you around, wanting you
to be everything to me.
and you were.
i wanted to be everything to you.
you're a liar, you said you'd never lie to me.
you promised me that.
it's made me hard to believe anything you say anymore.
i've doubted your intentions, how authentic you are.
but mainly, i've doubted you.
i might not as much, if i ever saw you.
you say your parents are 'strict', yet you just
pack up and go to sydney and brisbane and who else knows where
with people you meet on the street.
i mean seriously.
if you can do that and get drunk just about every night,
then why in the world can't you spend an hour with me.
i really wouldn't be bothered where we were, or what we did, if anything.
as long as it was me and you, just me and you.
now i dont know how to finish this.
there's just so much i need to say to you.
mainly, fuck you.

my birthdayyyyyy

oh my god.
so this is my day so far -
woke up at 7:20am, met Georgia 'Ge-Bang Milz' Miller at the Plant Farm
on Beechworth Road and walked to get the morning paper for mother-dearest.
Then i got home and decided to make some oh so delish cinnamon pancakes for breakfast.
while i was cooking this breakfast of mine, i saw that the february '10 edition of
delicious magazine had arrived (we have a subscription).
so i flicked through it, and on page 125, to my excitement (!!!!!)
none other than Jamie Oliver is appearing at Hisense Arena in Melbourne for two nights only.
And here is where my birthday and the oh my god comes in.
those two nights are the 11th and 12th of March.
If you didn't already know, my 16th birthday is on the 11th.
so hey, im freaking excited :D
cause mumma full said we could go.

so now im on the ticketek site.
its a shame i have no idea how to find the damn things!!!!

kind of in love with

this meal -
baby spinach leaves, chopped red onion,
slivered almonds and shaved parmesan,
w/ a lemony vinegary acidic pepper dressing :)
come over and ill make it for you one day.


im kind of on a status commenting spree at the moment :S

im going to get mother to book me in for the hairdressers tomorrow,
am i going blonde?
and i getting my hair cut off again?
i have no idea!!!!

January 27, 2010

chloe palmer

love this girl.
im actually on the phone to her right now :)
she asked me to write a blog about her, so this is it.
this girl has recently been to queensland for two weeks, and i missed her heeeaps :(
but now she's back, and its pretty mad with her home :D
we have soccer tonight, in like an hour and a bit, and we're sooooo going partners haha.
we have a personal trainer for another five weeks, on a thursday night.
so yeahhhhh :D
i love chloe palmer <3

pretty much hate you

elias or whatever your name is from chemist warehouse.
stop trying to sell swisse multi-vitamins.
you fail at life, so please go die.

okay, now a positive note :)

im actually looking quite forward to school starting.
ive missed seeing people that i like.
like those people you arent close with,
but the ones you say hi to, and can actually stop and
have a good conversation with.
them ones, the non-bitchy friends.
thats what i miss about school :)

January 26, 2010

thinking of a change

of hair colour?

i want to go blonde.
not white blonde, a golden caramel kind :)
but im really not sure, im scared it will look absolutely horrid!!!

January 25, 2010

five days together, full of fun :)


carlos davidson, alexmcg, ge-bang milz <3

in a mood

a deep and meaningful kind of mood.

im having thoughts tonight.
i feel like snuggling up in my cosy little single bed, with my lamp on
and writing until the wee hours of the morn.
but we all know that wont be happening.
australia day is tomorrow :)
undecided about wether or not im consuming alcohol...
ill get back to you on that one.
promise ;)

January 24, 2010

not as good as i think

i'm not.
as good as i think i am.
i dont think.
im a hypocrite and im a jealous person.
i want to be so many things and cliches, that i just wont fit into.
it annoys me.
but then im content.
because i know, at the end of the day,
im going to go back to being my good old self again.
and im pretty happy with that fact.

one thing i can say is, im no more offended by people that smoke.
or people that do drugs.
i still think that drugs should not be fooled around with,
no matter how much experience you've had with them.
but im not going to think any less of you, or respect you any less
because you use them.

im feeling an 'so, yeah' to finish this.

also, i think my favourite word in the english language is the word "vendetta"

last night's make-up.

i was pleasantly surprised at my eye make-up attempts last night :)
nothing big haha, just nice.
well.. i thought.

aussie aussie aussie

oi oi oi.

australia day is tomorrow :)
im heading to a friend's house over the border.
having a little gatho with all our friends :D
they're the best kind of people.
im so excited!!
i have, green and yellow thongs from cotton on, an umbrella hat, australian flag boxers, i <3 australia undies, a tie up australian flag and im going to albury soon with mumma and gravy to get a singlet :)
i shall upload a photo or two as soon as i can :)

January 23, 2010

im updating my blog, giving it a very needed face-lift.

definitely over being broke. also over wanting clothes that i can neither buy nor fit into. im soooo determined to get fit.

i aspire to upload more photos.

January 2, 2010

im down like the economy

this year has already been fucking (excuse the language) amazing.
and theres only been three days :)
shopping, new years, chill day at brees + sleepover, dederang races + party.