April 1, 2010

how aboslutely, blatantly rude.

this is what i've just found on my formspring, which i've decided to delete.
although i have a fairly good idea of who this is.

"You need to loose weight, On facebook it always says u are Going for a walk, yet yu r still fat. What the Fuck?"

well you wanna know something anonymous?
i've actually lost 10 kilos.
did you know that one?
wanna know why?
cause i go for walks which turn into runs every single day.
real fat of me, isn't it?
i've no doubt in my mind you are a lonely person with no friends that feels inadequate in themselves.
this does not bother me one bit, because you've tried to put me down to no avail.
i don't care what you think of me or my body, because if you're just going to try and put me down and feel less of myself, you aren't worth my time.

just a thought for the day :)

1 comment:

  1. How rude ! Obussslii di$ pers0n cnt $pel for $h1tttt!!!!