May 11, 2010

in english language, probably should be doing some work but oh well :)

i'm looking at speech impediments and how they affect people's lives.
the guy im youtube-ing is jason gray, a recording artist with a stutter.
he says when that he sings 'i don't stutter when i sing, which to me has become a very compelling metaphor for how God works in our lives, when we are willing to give him our broken little mess of a life, he's able to make music out of it, able to make something beautiful out if it'.

i don't personally believe in God, but i like how jason is able to overcome his stutter when he sings, because he does believe in God.

anyways, my soccer team has a night game tonight!
night games are always so much fun.
but it will be a bit cold :(
hopefully we play fairly well and have a chance of winning, albury united is 3rd on the ladder!!!
definitely welcome to come down and watch :)

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