September 22, 2009

four thousand.

went for the most amazing walk tonight!
i felt so good afterwards!
i even had the pedometer going :D
but stupid me, i put it on my shorts so it didn't shake, so after about
5 minutes I got to the top of this road that has a reeeaaal good view of
the town, and saw that, apparently, id only taken 25 steps :S
haha, so i fixed it and off i went!
when i got home, id reached the four thousand :D
approx. 45mins,
so good effort to me :)

another walk in the morning, and then seeing caldwell :D
and then, dentist at 4:45, im getting braces!!
last time, they messed up the mould for my "spider", so they had to take
another mould and I had to wait another month!
so tomorrow is d-day.

ill update on how it goes :)

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