September 21, 2009


yesterday, we became the ACT State Champions, yayayayayayay!
but we didn't even get medals for it or a trophy.. :(
the guy who organised it reckoned that they "don't have any money", when
we figured out that there was over 1200$ in entry fees alone :O
so, epic fail by vact.
im talking volleyball, if you weren't aware prior.

another advantage of my weekend in canberra was that we got some of
those japanese photobooth photos :D
haha, it was so fun :)
and it was heaps easy cause yui told us what it was saying haha :)
she's a japanese exchange student, she's amazing.
we also hit up hoyts and experienced UP, the most amazing movie of all
time. im in love.

worked 5ish hours tonight, got home + had singapore noodles made by
mother dearest and now im in bed!

get to see caldwell on wednesday!
aw, yay :)
and then braces wed+thu.

but tomorrow, im getting up and going for a stroll down to work to drop
off some lemons, cause we ran out tonight. (oh no!) so, goodnight :)

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