September 25, 2009

sudden realisations, ftw.

so, forever.
is hardly ever, forever.
can something actually last 'forever'?
at this moment, i doubt it.


it's nice to hear those three words, followed by forever.
everyone wants to be loved, forever.
'til the end of time, neverending, everlasting, forever.
pretty much, being told that no matter what happens in the future, no
matter what happens between you and me, one thing will remain the same -
my love for you will never end.

a life-time guarantee, in a world where nothing is certain.

that's a beautiful thing.
a thing that can be hard to find and can be harder to hold onto, once
you've found it.
a thing that can also come easily, and stays without force.
it's special.

but im not sure that i want forever.
but im not sure that i don't.
i do want a life with you now, today, and tomorrow.
but i don't want a life without you.
i don't know if that means that i want forever.
i know it doesn't make sense.
a lot of things don't, especially me lately.

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