November 1, 2009

decision time.

i've decided,
what i want + want to do.

• a typewriter off ebay.
• paint my room.
• a proper computer.
• a good camera.
• melbourne w/ emily.
• soundwave w/ caldwell and sam.
• walk to albury one day, just cause.
• amazing mascara.
• daily posts for a fortnight or more.
• activate my boost card.
• another dog.
• gooooood skin.
• hang my hammock chair in the tree.
• 90210 box set.
• get fit before my birthday.
• successfully make a pavlova.
• maxi dress for summer.
• get long-ish hair.

okay so, by my birthday - march 11th, i want all these things.
the hardest one would be another dog, cause my parents are all 'we don't
need another dog' etc etc.
and the computer one might be hard too, seeing i don't excel in the art
of saving money. and then the growing of my hair will just happen when
it happens :)

a lot has been happening lately.
caldwell and i are back together, 30.10.09, so im happy about that :D
on the weekend i travelled to bendigo for a two day volleyball
tournament, playing in the womens league and now my leg muscles are all
knotted and it hurts a lot, so ill probably try and get them out today
before work.
tay and i are friends again, which im sooooo happy about :)
it's nearly summer, and im reaaally excited.
I got a school dress :O
georgia introduced me to a mad, natural as fake tan, and it's only $8.
I got top braces, getting the bottom ones on the 20th of january.
hmm, i dunno what else :)

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