November 8, 2009

it all comes down to you.

I feel like a mass post.
So here's my attempt -

today, mother-dearest and myself went
shoppinggggggggg! (YAY)
I bought two tops, and two dresses, one is for my brothers grad, and
it's amazing, ill show you in an outfit post on the night, it's on the
27th i think. The other one, i don't really like on, so im going to
exchange it for one that i didn't get cause i get that one :)
And i got the shoes for my formal, and a bracelet, ring, earrings and
necklace. So im heaps excited, and cause i have the tan that im going to
get on, i put my dress on and everything else and i felt (and may i say
- looked) amazing. It got me even more excited.

Then i was talking to sam, and he was all 'i can't come' and i know he
has his reasons and they're pretty legitimate, but i still want him to
come :( then he might be leaving early cause of the army, and him,
caldwell and me were sposed to be going to soundwave all together before
he leaves. And if he leaves early then it won't happen :(

I wrote that yesterday ^

todayyyy, mum, dad, caldwell and myself went to the weir to fish, but we
didn't catch anything lol. Not even a nibble :(
The hot sun was soo nice and the water was the perrrfect temperature,
but stupid me didn't have bathers, so we just stood in the water before
we left haha :)
Then we fell asleep on my bed when we got home, then mum woke us up and
we had nachoes that were heaps yum, then dropped him home out to

eh, talking to sam atm and he probably won't be coming to soundwave D:

australian idol....
i swear it's getting shitter and shitter each and every year.
thank god the top three are those peoples.
hayley, stan and james.
okay so - hayley kinda reminds me of me lol. maybe it's just the
hair >_< i want platinum blonde hair. but id like never pull it off D:
Ooh!! The other week she wore this amazing leather jacket, it was like a
mahogany colour.. I think :s
I fell in love.
Then stan, oh stan! I love him so much haha :)
He's just so confident and energetic and i love his accent and how he
smiles and yeah :D
Then james.
If james showed up at my door-step and asked me to run off with him and
have babies, i would. Nuf said.

hmmm, i feel like writing more, but i really cbf haha.
Sorry :)
If someone wants to save me from school tomorrow, don't hold back :D

if you read all that

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