January 29, 2010

my birthdayyyyyy

oh my god.
so this is my day so far -
woke up at 7:20am, met Georgia 'Ge-Bang Milz' Miller at the Plant Farm
on Beechworth Road and walked to get the morning paper for mother-dearest.
Then i got home and decided to make some oh so delish cinnamon pancakes for breakfast.
while i was cooking this breakfast of mine, i saw that the february '10 edition of
delicious magazine had arrived (we have a subscription).
so i flicked through it, and on page 125, to my excitement (!!!!!)
none other than Jamie Oliver is appearing at Hisense Arena in Melbourne for two nights only.
And here is where my birthday and the oh my god comes in.
those two nights are the 11th and 12th of March.
If you didn't already know, my 16th birthday is on the 11th.
so hey, im freaking excited :D
cause mumma full said we could go.

so now im on the ticketek site.
its a shame i have no idea how to find the damn things!!!!

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