January 29, 2010


i always knew you were going to fuck me over.
just wasn't sure when.
i knew it, i was sure of it.
so was everyone else, but i didnt listen.
but i still wanted you around, wanting you
to be everything to me.
and you were.
i wanted to be everything to you.
you're a liar, you said you'd never lie to me.
you promised me that.
it's made me hard to believe anything you say anymore.
i've doubted your intentions, how authentic you are.
but mainly, i've doubted you.
i might not as much, if i ever saw you.
you say your parents are 'strict', yet you just
pack up and go to sydney and brisbane and who else knows where
with people you meet on the street.
i mean seriously.
if you can do that and get drunk just about every night,
then why in the world can't you spend an hour with me.
i really wouldn't be bothered where we were, or what we did, if anything.
as long as it was me and you, just me and you.
now i dont know how to finish this.
there's just so much i need to say to you.
mainly, fuck you.

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