January 29, 2010


about my previous post.
just getting some frustrations out :)

im in a better mood now, georgia came over for
a bit and watched me make choc chunk cookies ^_^

you may have noticed, i have been saying 'pretty much in love with .. *insert favourite* .. at the moment'
im apologizing for this phrase.
but i like it haha.

im thinking a daily pmilw..atm haha.
love how i just abbreviated that :)

so here's the first -
im pretty much in love with fromspring at the moment.
its fun as haha.
i think its funny to see just how many people want to know
about you, while them not wanting you to know they do haha.
if you understand that :S

oh, and here is my formspring, just in case you want it ;)
you can ask me anything.
so go!!!!

i've got to clean the kitchen, so this is the end of this post.

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