January 24, 2010

not as good as i think

i'm not.
as good as i think i am.
i dont think.
im a hypocrite and im a jealous person.
i want to be so many things and cliches, that i just wont fit into.
it annoys me.
but then im content.
because i know, at the end of the day,
im going to go back to being my good old self again.
and im pretty happy with that fact.

one thing i can say is, im no more offended by people that smoke.
or people that do drugs.
i still think that drugs should not be fooled around with,
no matter how much experience you've had with them.
but im not going to think any less of you, or respect you any less
because you use them.

im feeling an 'so, yeah' to finish this.

also, i think my favourite word in the english language is the word "vendetta"

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